Our Private Policy


1. How Metair Mechanical Services Ltd uses the information it collects about you:

Information on our data base regarding your personal information is only used for the following purposes:

  • To ensure that we have up-to-date information to allow us to communicate with you with any developments on what services that we provide to you
  • To ensure that we have your consent to hold your information for the purposes of billing, keeping up up-to-date and any other issues that may relate to you

2. When Metair Mechanical Services will contact you:

We will contact you for the following reasons:-

  • If we are using the services of another company in relationship to works being carried out for you
  • Financial questions or any other items that would relate to a service being provided by us to you
  • To advise you of any changes relating to the services that we provide to you which we feel would be beneficial to you

3. Will you be contacted for marketing purposes:

Metair Mechanical Services Limited does not use any personal data for marketing purposes. We only use your data to enable us to contact you with regards to a service that we are providing to you.

4. Will we share your personal information with anyone else:

Your personal information is important to us and at no time will we forward your information to another party unless it is in relationship to a current service we are providing to you. For example, we would use contact details for a delivery service to you.

5. How long will we keep your information and can I arrange for this to be deleted?

Information is kept for as long as it is necessary. However, if you wish for your personal data to be removed, this will be done upon a written request. Contact details would be held for the possibility of future changes.